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Does C4 Studio only allow two artboards to be linked?

Currently: YES.

However, we’re already looking towards keyframe based animations.

Are you planning to integrate C4iOS into C4 Studio?

Our long-term goal is to have a consistent open-source api available so that developers can easily build plugins for C4 Studio.

Is C4 Studio focused on mobile development only?

Currently: YES.

Long-term: NO.

We had to pick a language for exporting and we chose Swift – since our specialty is iOS. However, we have full intention to expand the export functionality to Android and to Web.

Can I still try the alpha? Please?

Nope, sorry. We’re moving full speed ahead into the Beta after collecting a ton of amazing feedback from our alpha testers.

I tried to open one of my existing Sketch files and it doesn’t look the same in C4 Studio.

We’ve put a lot of work into the import tool so far. However, we admit that there are some things that we haven’t YET solved. So, if you have some more advanced elements in your design files like:

  • Clipping Masks
  • Polygons with Round Corners
  • Complex booleans on paths. If you’ve unioned, and then subtracted, then joined, then re-unioned, then differenced…

Your sketch file might not look the same.

We are constantly working on improving the Sketch import part of C4 Studio.

Sketch updated and now I can’t open my files. What do I do?

Since we’re tapping directly into Sketch files, there’s always going to be a short window of time between a new Sketch release and when we can test and fix our import tool.

After each release we will upload new versions of C4 Studio to our servers and you should be able to automatically update to the latest version.

When will you officially launch a public release of C4 Studio?

We don’t yet have a date for this. But, we will announce one some time after we finish our Beta.