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On this page you’ll find information about C4 Studio. But! You can also grab a copy of our press kit that contains copy, images, and links to videos.

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Tag Line

Import Sketch Designs. Animate in C4 Studio. Export Dev-ready Code.

Brief Summary

C4 Studio is a new class of motion design for mobile. Built for Designers and Developers, C4 Studio lets you easily animate designs and generate production-ready code that a developer can use right away.

Long Summary

C4 Studio is a motion-design tool for animating Sketch files and eliminating the most painful parts of hand-off. It bridges the gap between design and development by generating native code that can be directly incorporated into larger more complex projects by a developer.

Our focus on making C4 Studio a production tool that exports code allows designers to have far more impact on the final product of development cycles. The simplified interface we have created is easy to learn and adopt.

As a designer, you can work in Sketch, animate in C4 Studio and export production-ready code.

As a developer, you can customize the kind of code you need to make it easy to integrate into your already existing projects.

Alpha Release on Medium

We wrote an article on Medium that outlined the main features of the C4 Studio Alpha. You can access that article:

C4 Studio Alpha Release

Key Features

Here is a short list of the key features available in C4 Studio.

Sketch Integration

C4 Studio taps straight into a designer’s Sketch file. After creating a new project the user simply links to their Sketch file and chooses a start / end point for a transition.

Start / End States

The fundamental paradigm behind C4 Studio is to design start and end states that you can then animate between.


C4 Studio automatically animates between two linked states. The user can open the transition and start editing the timelines, durations, and easing right away.


We have created a sophisticated code export system that allows you to generate views, controllers and even full Xcode projects. Currently, C4 Studio exports Swift code.

Full List of Features

For a full list, please see our official features page:



We have put together a set of simple tutorials that go through topics from preparing designs in Sketch, to swapping standard UIKit elements with those created in C4 Studio.


C4 Studio Promo Video

To see our promo video, please visit:

Promo Video